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10/26/2016 12:40 AM
Ontario nurse charged in deaths of 8 nursing home residents

A nurse has been charged with the murders of eight elderly people under her care at nursing homes in southwestern Ontario over a seven-year period, police said Tuesday. Woodstock Police Chief William Renton said Elizabeth Tracey Mae Wettlaufer, 49, was charged with first-degree murder in the killings that took place between 2007 and 2014.

10/25/2016 10:33 PM
London City Hall: City council rejects firefighters' request to...

"It just doesn't make sense and it's just inappropriate," Coun. Bill Armstrong said of the motion In keeping with a policy to stay away from contract negotiations, council voted overwhelmingly Tuesday to reject the London Professional Fire Fighters Association request to address politicians directly at an upcoming meeting.

10/24/2016 07:25 PM
France moving more than 6,000 migrants from makeshift camp

France began the mass evacuation Monday of the makeshift migrant camp known as "the jungle," a mammoth project to erase the humanitarian blight on its northern border, where thousands fleeing war or poverty have lived in squalor, most hoping to sneak into Britain. Before dawn broke, long lines of migrants waited in chilly temperatures to board buses in the port city of Calais, carrying meager belongings and timid hope that they were headed to a brighter future, despite giving up their dreams of life across the English Channel in Britain.

10/23/2016 08:44 AM
Banking boss says firms preparing to leave UK before EU exit

The head of the British Bankers' Association says financial firms are planning to leave London within weeks because of uncertainty about the U.K.'s exit from the European Union. Anthony Browne says banks fear EU politicians will erect trade barriers with Britain in a bid to undermine the City, London's financial district.

10/18/2016 07:43 PM
EMS asks voters to approve replacement levy -

A replacement levy is on the Nov. 8 ballot for the Madison County Emergency Medical District to raise millage from 2.21 mills to 3 mills. Currently, the levy generates about $1.12 million per year and costs the taxpayer $67.68 annually for a home valued at $100,000.

10/18/2016 05:31 PM
Electrical problem blocks Eurostar traffic beneath Channel

An electrical supply problem in the train tunnel beneath the English Channel has blocked Eurostar traffic between Britain and the European continent. Romain Dufour of Eurotunnel, which operates the tunnel, said technicians are examining what caused the electrical outage Tuesday and working to fix the issue.

10/18/2016 01:01 PM
International campers in London

Cyclists and hikers from as far as Asia and Europe have spent a night in the tiny campground on London's west side this summer. Gene Pass and Alan Knowles, of Friends of Madison County Parks & Trails, said about 60 outdoor enthusiasts traveling local segments of the Ohio-to-Erie Trail steered into the three-site, primitive campground during the last six months.

10/18/2016 04:16 AM
UN announces agreement on 72-hour Yemen cease-fire

The warring parties in Yemen have agreed to a 72-hour cease-fire which is to take effect shortly before midnight Wednesday, the U.N. special envoy to Yemen announced Monday. A U.N. statement said Special Envoy Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed "welcomes the restoration of the Cessation of Hostilities, which will spare the Yemeni people further bloodshed and will allow for the expanded delivery of humanitarian assistance."

10/18/2016 02:01 AM
WikiLeaks: Assange's internet link 'severed' by Ecuador

WikiLeaks has blamed Ecuador for cutting off founder Julian Assange's internet access while he is holed up at the Ecuadorean Embassy in London, and while his group is releasing thousands of emails from Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman. Assange has been at the embassy for more than four years after skipping bail to avoid being extradited over sex crimes allegations.

10/17/2016 09:58 PM
Friends to host clean-up day for trail

The 30-mile trail, which extends from London to Xenia, includes some of Ohio's undisturbed original prairie grass, according to Julia Cummings of the Madison County Soil and Water Reclamation District . "Sometimes you need to interfere with nature," Cummings told the Madison Press on Monday.

10/17/2016 05:53 PM
Cowling Chicken Challenge

Perfect weather served as the backdrop Saturday during the London Community Organization's Cowling Chicken Challenge at Cowling Park in London. The event raised $3,789 for Access Cowling, a project to install a new, $400,000 playground at the park.

10/17/2016 09:04 AM
Singer Phil Collins announces comeback gigs for next summer

The 65-year-old former Genesis frontman Monday announced plans for gigs next summer in London, Paris and Cologne. The tour will be called: "Not Dead Yet, Live."

10/16/2016 10:11 AM
'Certain Women' wins, McQueen honored at London Film Fest

Writer-director Kelly Reichardt's spare and subtle Montana drama "Certain Women" has won the best-picture prize at the London Film Festival, while "12 Years a Slave" director Steve McQueen received a major career award. McQueen, a filmmaker and Turner Prize-winning video artist, was presented with the British Film Institute Fellowship - the organization's highest honor - by Michael Fassbender.

10/15/2016 04:35 PM
Behind the scenes at BCI

BCI Executive Director Tom Stickrath made cutting down the return time for DNA evidence a priority when he took the helm at the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation. The Bureau of Criminal Investigations began as a minor record-keeping operation in 1921.

10/14/2016 01:31 PM
UK court OKs extradition of accused 'flash crash' trader

The High Court in London has ruled that a British financial trader suspected of helping to trigger the 2010 "Flash Crash" in stock markets can be extradited to the United States. Navinder Singh Sarao is wanted in the U.S. on charges related to the crash, which saw U.S. stock values plunge and rebound, with tens of billions of dollars lost in just five minutes.